Direction. Branding. UI. Print.

You might think this is a boring place to work as a designer, but I disagree. It's a hell of a challenge, and I like challenges.

Blood is not sexy. It's not flashy. There aren't high-volume blogs dedicated to blood donation news like with video games, sports, gadgets or cars. Because of the lack of excitement from my peers, I've had an incredible opportunity to bring this organization up to speed with the rest of the world through our marketing efforts. And it's been a lot of work.

This January (2015), we launched our new identity and brand. We worked with Ardent Sage to design a new logo and name. After the new name "Bloodworks" was finalized I continued development of the brand, style guide and collateral for all marketing material - print and web.

Meeting patients who thank us for helping to save their lives is breathtaking and adds a spring to my step as soon as I get out of bed every Monday morning.

Print. Art Direction.

I was asked to help design several online and merchandising aspects for the relaunch of this magazine and in about one short month I helped design this beautiful 90 page magazine.

Look for the issue at your local bike shop or order an issue online at Embrocation Magazine.

Illustration. Textiles.

As a designer who is also an endurance athlete, I love topographic lines as design elements. They create a great texture and visual effect. I'm really excited and proud of this garment.

A very limited run was offered for sale on embrocation magazine. Made in the USA by Donkey Label.

Direction. Photography. Print.

In 2014 the Puget Sound Blood Center annual report was used as a supplementary insert in the Puget Sound Business Journal as well as a regular annual report. I was responsible for the page layout, design and some photography in addition to directing photography.

Design, Photography, Print production.

The Annual Report is an opportunity to not just financial reporting for the year, it is also is a tool to communicate an organizations voice and a showcase for its accomplishments.

This years report focused on the Blood Centers hospital network throughout the Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest. Where our resources go. We're "In Hospitals Everywhere".

2013 and 2014 are significant milestones for the Puget Sound Blood Center because its the 70th year (approx) of business.

Direction. Web design.

In addition to designing the print version of the 2013 annual report I also produced the online landing page.

Live version here.

Pigeon Road is a film production studio in Topanga and Venice, California.

For the look at feel we realized we wanted a site that looked like it had attitude with a little bit of grease, as if it had been dropped on the floor of a garage.

Another site using Bootstrap, and all of the founders photography.

The logo mark also uses an illustration created by the founder, along with custom typography.

Live site here.

Company vehicles aren't just rolling business cards. Bloodmobiles are ambassadors for the blood donation experience. Thoroughly modern, sterile and clean inside (if a bit cramped) but we wanted the first impression to be approachable, bright and fun on the outside.

In addition to the bloodmobile PSBC has a fleet of vehicles delivering blood to hospitals around Western Washington and Northern Oregon

Logo mark to signify the anniversary of the Blood Center. For use in letterhead, collateral, signage and other material in a variety of sizes.

Iconography. UI.

When was founded by Ookla Net Metrics I was hired to create several iconography libraries for themed / licensed custom speed tests. If you're one of the millions of people every day who use to test your internet connection, you've probably seen my work.