Direction, Web design and production.

The landing page for an Annual Report had to "wrap it up". I know people aren't going to spend more than a few minutes scrolling through this. But it couldn't be a bite sized version either.

I'm not ashamed to admit the inspiration for this project comes from apple and their web design methods. Big juicy images and subtle interactive enhancements using jQuery and CSS.

Live version here.

Pigeon Road is a film production studio in Topanga and Venice, California.

For the look at feel we realized we wanted a site that looked like it had attitude with a little bit of grease, as if it had been dropped on the floor of a garage.

Another site using Bootstrap, and all of the founders photography.

The logo mark also uses an illustration created by the founder, along with custom typography.

Live site here.

Company vehicles aren't just rolling business cards. Bloodmobiles are ambassadors for the blood donation experience. Thoroughly modern, sterile and clean inside (if a bit cramped) but we wanted the first impression to be approachable, bright and fun on the outside.

In addition to the bloodmobile PSBC has a fleet of vehicles delivering blood to hospitals around Western Washington and Northern Oregon

Robin Williams, Miguel Indurain, Marco Pantani, Stephen Roche, Claudio Chiappucci, Mario Cipollini, and Andrea Tafi. A few of the people Dario Pegoretti calls clients.

Legendary Italian design, superior craftsmanship, and extraordinarily finish work make each Pegoretti frame a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece. His frames start at $4,000 with a wait list usually over a year.

Because of the exclusivity and price tag of the Pegoretti brand, I was asked to develop an elevated shopping experience and landing page for each model offered by the online retailer Embrocation Cycling Journal.

Thanks to the Bootstrap framework I am able to develop and design modular, fully customizable and fully responsive pages rapidly and quite efficiently.

Gaulzetti Cycles is a custom bicycle manufacturer located in New England. They specialize in stiff, light and fast frames made with Aluminum and steel. Their goal is to eliminate the bike as an excuse for not winning.

To compliment the brands bright and bold attitude I created a very quick and dirty landing page for a reseller, Embrocation Cycling Journal for prospective customers to learn about the brand at-a-glance.

Live page here.

Identity. Web Design.

Here Fishy Charters is a small business in the Florida Keys. Competition is tough but the bounty is plentiful. The competition also has a wide variety of thoughtfulness regarding their identity and web presence. Some of the big players have sites that look like they were made in 1998, and others look very slick and "themed".

I wanted everything about this brand to look polished, fun and casual. The site had to look professional and trustworthy, reflecting the attitude of the captain.

I also wanted it to be easy to update, so I plugged in a facebook feed and encouraged Augie, the captain, to update it regularly with his phone to help keep the site fresh and the SEO robots happy.

I kept the site one page and used a sprinkling of CSS3 animations.

Live site here.

With a very tight deadline and budget I developed three landing pages for friend and author Stella Mowen's book launch, "Until the Beat Stops" and non-profit startup organization, "The First Hill".

Art Direction, Production, Web, Powerpoint, Print

Faces for Life is a dinner fundraising event for the Puget Sound Blood Center. It is the biggest fundraiser event for the blood center.

Because 2014 is the 70th anniversary of PSBC, the budget for this event is a little bit higher than normal, so we were able to embellish the material and other elements more than normal.

For me this meant incorporating things like foil, embossing, varnish and premium paper stock for the Save The Date, Invite and event program, along with a more robust landing page online.

2014 saw an increase of nearly 40% in fundraising compared to 2013 with only 20 more attendees.

For the site I used Twitters BootStrap, this was one of my first projects using a bootstrap package. After the learning curve of figuring out how to think the way they want people to think, I've become a big fan.

Live site here.

Faces for Life is a major fundraising event for the Puget Sound Blood Center.

The first event was in 2006, a consistent auction theme were several hand painted masks decorated by various community members, artists, patients and volunteers. You can find them throughout the PSBC offices and donation centers. However, the event no longer focuses on these masks as a staple of the event. In 2014, the 70th anniversary of PSBC, we decided the logo should reflect the change of focus.

Logo mark to signify the anniversary of the Blood Center. For use in letterhead, collateral, signage and other material in a variety of sizes.